Chase Williams Detective Short Stories

Sneak into someone else's everyday crime in under 1000 words.
The Cutting Right to the Chase series features detective short stories about everyday unusual crimes happening in Tursenia, an Etruscan city in the heart of Italy.
Chase relocated there to forget his troubled life in London, but his sleuthing instinct can't keep him out of snooping around.

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Chase Williams Murder Mystery Series

More Chase, more Angelo, more Tursenia. Mystery and Suspense in even longer stories.
Life is not easy in Tursenia. The sunny Etruscan city in the heart of Italy hides a lot of darkness under its carpet of wealth and serenity. Resentments, conspiracies, betrayals, drug business and family intrigues often escalate into murder cases.

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Chase Williams, a British Detective in Italy

Chase's blog is the perfect place to see how he lives his days in Italy while he isn’t investigating. He posts mainly images and pictures of Tursenia and nearby, along with gems about Italians, Italian habits and cultural differences/similarities. This is the perfect way of seeing Italy through the eyes of a true British detective.

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Daily Pinner – a crime fiction author relief

Everybody needs a relief valve. This is what a crime author does when not writing mystery and suspense. Daily Pinner is my personal blog, a potpourri of writing and reading resources, books, some bits from my life as a SEO/growth hacker and the best of my Instagram feeds. In a nutshell, a pleasant view of my daily life... and a way of snooping at a professional snooper!

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"If you like whodunits, thrillers and murder mysteries where you can’t tell who is the killer, then you will be ecstatic" - Readers' Favorite

The Team

who snoops in Tursenia

Stefania Mattana

Mystery and Detective Stories Author

Ever-present on the internet. Snooper, reader, writer. Then runner, gym rat, dog stalker, wife. Tursenia connoisseur.

Chase Williams

Import/Export Executive. Part-Time Detective

A London chap living his dream in Italy. Import/export executive for Ceccarelli cashmere. Trying not to be a detective.

Angelo Alunni

Inspector at Tursenia Police

Police Inspector. Love pizza and ladies, hate yogurt and cold pizza. My best friend used to be Sherlock Holmes, then he quit.


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