“You cannot give life to a painting if you don’t know who died for it.”
A true crime story featuring the best Italian painter of 1500.


The Bloody Wedding cover, true crime story, historical fiction, medieval story, story set in italyHistory often repeats itself, so it’s not a coincidence that the city hosting Chase’s mystery and detective stories has been through murder episodes in the past. On The Bloody Wedding, I’m going to tell you a true crime story.

Revenge, betrayals and conspiracy among rivals are nothing compared with the blood spilt over family issues. Donna Atalanta of Perugia knows this only too well. In 1500 she commissions a young painter named Raffaello Sanzio to create the famous Pala Baglioni–The Entombment.

The behind-the-scenes story of the famous Pala Baglioni, now housed in the Villa Borghese Museum in Rome, is told by a particular voice that accompanies Raffaello during the composition of his work of art. What happened in the notorious Bloody Wedding of Perugia is the gory genesis of this magnificent painting.

The Bloody Wedding is an historical short story about art and war set in Perugia, Tursenia’s alter ego town, where Chase Williams’s mystery and detective stories take place. A quick, fascinating dive into the painting and historical narrative, with a pinch of suspense.

The Bloody Wedding is available worldwide on Amazon Kindle Store!

lente icona, collana racconti gialli, storie brevi, chase williamsA true crime story for the whole family!ok icona, libri gialli per ragazzi

The Bloody Wedding is a true crime story that can be included within the historical fiction genre. Even though some scenes are a bit gory, kids and teenager over 13 years old can enjoy it with no problems.
The Bllody Wedding has reached the Amazon TOP100 in the historical fiction and true crime story genres in Italy, United States, United Kingdom and Canada. It’s also mentioned quite often among the suggested readings in the short stories and Italian fiction sessions.

What readers say about The Bloody Wedding:

“This is a fascinating tale of conspiracy and revenge, all surrounding a painting commissioned in 1500.”

Anon Anon, reader on Amazon.com

“Mattana is an expert story teller and captures and maintains reader attention without immersing him/her in unnecessary backstory. […] I look forward to the development of what appears to be a new series.”

Blue Lady, reader on Amazon.co.uk

“[…] the inventive nature of this piece will leave you thoughtful and yet replete.”

Convoke, reader on Amazon.com

“This is a delightful new book from author Stefania Mattana, who brings a fresh approach to her storytelling.”

June R, reader on Amazon.ca

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