The Chase Williams crime fiction books are divided into two series.

– Cutting Right To The Chase is a collection of short stories. That’s the meaning of the pun: Chase’s stories are brief and go straight to the point. Chase Williams is called to solve daily unusual crimes which take place in Tursenia (Italy); he deals with neighborhood issues and minor but baffling offences which could affect anyone.

– Chase Williams crime novels are long stories with murder(s) and some tough nuts to crack. Chase is called to help his friend out, Inspector Angelo Alunni of Tursenia Police. Even if Chase is not a cop anymore and works for a cashmere firm as an import/export officer, his detective instinct is extremely strong, despite of what happened in London.

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Pull The Trigger crime story ebook kindleInto The Killer Sphere murder case crime story ebook kindle


Other books and ebooks I published in Italian

These are the non-fiction and fiction books/ebooks I published in Italian.
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te whanau uenuku, libro, RWC, rugby world cup, coppa del mondo di rugby, nuova zelandaRitualità della morte in Barbagia libro sardegna tradizioni

the live side of rock book rock rituality i luoghi e i misteri dell'arte book anthology

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