Children’s author Elias Zapple interview

elias zapple, interview, about, chase williams, childrens author, booksI was asked by Children’s author Elias Zapple to have a chat with me about anything and everything.
It’s been craziest interview of my life. Zapple’s world of slugs, moustaches and weird creatures completely got me.

It turned out I gave the most incredible answers never seen in my blog or website. We talked about slugs, lab experiments and the option of making Chase Williams grow a cool set of moustache.


Go check it out. You don’t have to care if it makes sense – it’s bloody JOKES!

About the interviewer : Elias Zapple was not born in 1922, as some would have you believe. His date of birth is not really relevant anyway. What is relevant is that he arose out of a tulip that was growing in some old granny’s garden in Camberwell. How he got to be in a tulip is not really clear, nor is it clear how he got out of the tulip, and years later wrote the smash hit musical, ‘Love, be a Stranger’, which was an international flop.

After that success, he went on to work as a 19th century Victorian chimney sweep, when he was inspired to write the acclaimed series of books entitled ‘Duke & Michel’. It is believed the fumes from the chimneys did so much damage to Elias, that it was a miracle he ever ate a cupcake again.

Later, he travelled back in time to the present, and went on a series of trips to many foreign and distant lands. During these travels, Elias met and listened to many interesting people, choosing to ignore all of them. He did, however, learn a couple of things: i) the earth is flat; and ii) you should never eat a banana when it’s not ripe.


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