Cutting Right To The Chase Vol.1, detective short stories

He looks like a normal dude, but he’s not.
Let me tell you his detective short stories in under 1000 words.


Cutting Right To The Chase detective stories ebook amazonWhat if you are an ex British detective stuck in a stunning medieval Italian city? Ask Chase Williams – he will tell you many stories about his life in Tursenia.

He wanted a life changing scenario, so after he quit Scotland Yard he landed in beautiful Tursenia, a sunny Etruscan city in the heart of Italy. Despite Chase’s promise of not being involved in any crime scenes anymore, he always ends up dealing with minor offences and everyday crimes and mysteries happening just around the corner, where you may think  nothing dark could ever occur.

In this first, tiny volume of the detective short stories series, Chase stumbles upon many minor and baffling offences that you might otherwise have missed. However, Chase’s investigative eye never sleeps.

Chase accompanies his childhood friend Inspector Angelo Alunni into a strange police adventure, and you will also meet some of the traditional Italian characters that populate Chase’s neighbourhood.

Chase’s six short stories all under 1000 words in length drag you into the coloured and mysterious world of Tursenia. These are detective short stories that will make you crave the rest of the series.

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readers favorite, short stories, detective stories, four stars, readers awardCutting Right to the Chase Vol1. got the
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What readers say about flash fiction Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.1

“Chase was just an awesome character to carry out these short stories.”

Book Crazy, Top 500 reviewer

“Wonderful short crime stories that weave well rounded tales around gritty scenarios and black humor.”

M. Sokel, reader on

“Highly recommended for anyone who is trying to reboot their reading self .”

Lizzie loves books

“The writing seems to hold an intriguing accent to the English language in a very positive way – Think of Sophia Loren speaking.”

Evil Cyclist bookshelves

Find Chase Williams on Twitter @ChaseWilliams78

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