Cutting Right To The Chase Vol.2, flash fiction detective short stories

Italian cities and daily dramas go hand in hand, usually if a British detective is involved. Flash fiction at its best in Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.2


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The flash fiction detective saga involving former MET office Chase Williams continues, and gets even darker than ever.

After the acclaimed success of the Vol.1 of detective short stories set in sunny Tursenia, Chase is back and dives into ten new mysteries, all 1000 words in length.

Chase stumbles upon everyday crime stories involving stigmatized people in modern society.
Depression, euthanasia, fame and drugs are themes that can easily turn into crime offences.

Although the city of Tursenia keeps looking stunning and peaceful, there’s a lot of bad stuff happening in the background.

Take Chase’s lead and discover the daily dark side of the most genuine Italy.

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What readers say about flash fiction Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.2

“I got enchanted by the vivid images of Italy delivered.”

Germano Dalcielo, Top 500 reviewer

“I read it in one sitting and wanted more.”

Avid reader, reader on

“Excellent writing, unique plots with plenty of unexpected twists, captivating characters…a definite win-win.”

MtnMoxieChic, reader on

“With Chase, every situation is unique and totally unexpected.”

Sheryl, reader on

Find Chase Williams on Twitter @ChaseWilliams78

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