Cutting Right to the Chase Vol.3, 10×1000 words short detective stories

Your daily amount of mystery and suspense, 1000 words length.
It’s detective stories showtime.

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The third book of the Chase Williams flash fiction series features more short detective stories with mystery and suspense included.

The winning formula doesn’t change as each story is 1000 words in length and each of them adds another dark piece in the (apparently) quiet Tursenia puzzle.

Central Italy has not only nice food, Etruscan town walls and breath-taking art: crimes and mysteries happen in the background among the maze of alleys of the historical city centre.

Crime is harder to nail when the culprit could be anyone, from the least suspicious town-dweller to your old grumpy neighbour. These ten short detective stories are a genuine window to contemporary Italy, where it doesn’t matter what happens, the important thing is not to be caught.

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You haven’t read Vol.1 and Vol.2 yet? Don’t worry.

The Chase Williams detective short stories books feature one-shot stories that can be read separately. You don’t need to have read the whole flash fiction collection to enjoy this volume.

What readers say about Vol.3 of Cutting Right to the Chase short detective stories

“Chase has become part of the Tursenian life and this force him into action much more often than he would like to.”

Lisa, reader on

“These are stories that will have you craving for more.”

Love to reader, reader on

“Chase has an ability to solve crime like a hound dog, great short stories!”

Hawk, reader on

“A book that is easy to get into and return to – perfect for a vacation.”

Big Apple, readers on

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The Cutting Right to the Chase detective short stories continues here!

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