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Another gem of the Chase Williams mystery series has been added to the Amazon Kindle Store collection.

After a successful pre-order campaign, Pull the Trigger is officially launched worldwide on Amazon Kindle Store.

Former Scotland Yard junior detective Chase Williams has to deal with a double cozy mystery that involves the Italian Olympic Young Team. Two teenage athletes have been shot to death, while another one survived.
Inspector Angelo Alunni of Tursenia Police will be helped by Chase and ballistics superstar Gianmarco Betti from Rome. Will Chase and Mr Betti get along during the investigations?
Chase will also have to deal with some ghosts from the past that will recall dark memories to him.

Love, women, friendships, snipers, mystery and suspense create a compelling mix typical of the best crime thrillers.


Pull the Trigger is the first long-length story of the Chase Williams murder mystery saga and follow the success of Into the Killer Sphere, a Chase Williams Murder Mystery.

Pull the Trigger falls under different categories on Amazon Kindle Store: crime thrillers, cozy mystery, British mysteries, sports books, British detectives, mystery and suspense.

Buy Pull the Trigger, a Chase Williams Murder Mystery #2 now on Amazon!

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