Into the Killer Sphere among the 50 Indie books worth reading

Into the Killer Sphere is officially among the 50 Indie books worth reading for Indie Author Land!

50 indie books worth reading_into the killer sphere cozy mystery novella present

I’m very happy to announce that Indie Author Land has finally chosen my cozy mystery novella Into the Killer Sphere as one of the fifty Indie books worth reading in 2013/2014.

As you can see, the Indie Author Land editors put Into the Killer Sphere cover also on the main promotional image and this is a plus motive of happiness and proud for me.

It’s such a big joy to me and I want to share with you this success.
Many readers of the Chase Williams detective stories voted on Indie Author Land website to express their support to my mystery story. Without their votes and support nothing would have happened, as Indie Author Land took seriously into account all the votes received while choosing its 50 books worth reading.

So, if you’re a Chase Williams reader and you voted… thank you :)

I’ve always thought that Into the Killer Sphere is actually a book worth reading, but I’ve never thought that I would receive a nomination that attested it!

What’s next?

Pull the trigger crime novel_Renato Rengoni killing wound

Pull The Trigger
 (hopefully another book worth reading) is on my editor’s operating table. But there’s also someone who ended up on an operating table, sadly a hospital one.

This is Renato Rengoni’s abdomen after being shot while training at Monte Priore, Tursenia. On the picture you can see the trajectory of the bullet that hit him.

Spoiler alert: the poor Renato didn’t make it, and he’s not the only one.
Someone in Tursenia is shooting people with apparently no reasons.

Any idea about the nature of the shooter? A madman, a serial killer, a bored person?
A penny for your thoughts, comment above!

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