Into The Killer Sphere, a cozy mystery novella

It’s been the maid, in the garden, with the sphere. Or maybe not.
A classic cozy mystery novella set in a classic Italian villa.

Into The Killer Sphere Amazon Kindle cozy mystery novellaThe more you strive for a few days of holiday, the more troubles you’re involved in. That must be Chase Williams’s thoughts when Inspector Angelo Alunni of Tursenia Police called him out to solve a murder mystery.

Chase is looking forward to a solitary week off when a domestic accident at Galli’s villa all of a sudden turns into a murder case.

Piero Galli died after a chandelier fell on him, breaking his neck. Too easy not to be a murder, Inspector Alunni can swear on that.

Chase eventually ends up in a detective story with clear notes of the classic cozy mystery novellas. Was it the strange maid, in the garden with the sphere, or maybe the authoritative mother, in the kitchen with the knife? Every character involved with Piero Galli has a solid motive for murder.

Just like the most traditional Cluedo board game, Chase and Angelo have to guess the killer by following clues that are often hidden in the tiniest detail.

Betrayals, drugs, love and money embrace the calm and serene atmosphere of the seemingly harmless Tursenia, a city where appearances always come first, especially if you are wealthy like the Gallis.

Into the Killer Sphere is a cozy mystery novella that challenges your intuitive and detective skills, with a note of Italian humour. Will Chase take down the assassin before there are more deaths?

Into the Killer Sphere is available worldwide on Amazon Kindle Store

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What readers say about Into the Killer Sphere

“There’s enough spanners thrown into the works […] to make it a wonderful adventure in trying to figure out the clues.”

Margitte Meyer for The Kindle Book Review

“Into the Killer Sphere is another fine example of what happens when a creative imagination meets talented writing.”

Dennis Waller, top 500 reviewer on

“A short gem of a murder who-done-it set in Tursenia.”

Steve “knidle-holic”, reader on

“I liked this story because sometimes it reminded me Agatha Christie’s novels and I love them.”

Giulia, reader on

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