The Chase Williams murder mystery series
More Chase, more Angelo, more Tursenia
Mystery and Suspense in even longer stories

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If you’re looking for a long length crime novel, with mystery, suspense and a sparkle of Italy, the Chase Williams murder mystery series is your perfect mix.

Life is not easy in Tursenia. The sunny Etruscan city in the heart of Italy hides a lot of darkness under its carpet of wealth and serenity. Resentments, conspiracies, betrayals, drug business and family intrigues often escalate into murder cases.

There is no peace for Tursenians as well as for their Police force: Inspector Angelo Alunni loses his temper every now and then, that’s why he calls out his childhood friend Chase Williams to help him solve the most tangled masterminds.

Chase knows that every time he tackles a murder mystery, a piece of his troubled life as a Scotland Yard detective re-emerges from the past, hurting him. The battle between the urgency of nailing a killer and protecting himself from the wreckages of the past influences the investigations and Chase’s life in the city.

Unveil the deepest secrets of Tursenia: through murders and mysteries make a journey into Chase’s dark life.

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What readers say about the Chase Williams murder mystery series

“I love the Chase Williams detective mysteries. Great suspense, lots of drama and a wonderful plot which unfolds with sparkling clarity right before my eyes.”

Anari, reader on

“The sense of place is impeccable. Tursenia, to which I have never been, came alive on each page. I could see it, smell it, and I lived it during the reading experience”

Illitearty blog by Bridget Kulakauskas

“If you’re looking for a great murder mystery with a likable and charismatic detective, look no further.”

George, reader on

“I loved how this mystery kept surprising me, but not shocking me. There were thrills, but never cheap ones.”

Holly, reader on


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