Pull The Trigger, a Chase Williams murder mystery

A great shooter, a lovely lady, a possible killer.
A new Italian crime story, a new challenge for Chase.

Pull The Trigger, mystery and suspense bookWhat do cycling and target shooting have in common? That’s a question Inspector Angelo Alunni can’t answer on his own.

Looks like the Tursenia countryside is the perfect scenario for shooting young Olympics athletes and sorting out a complicated crime story. Two cyclists and one shooter have been targeted by a mysterious sniper without any reasonable motive.

Chase is called by Angelo to support the investigations, but it seems like neither the brilliant inquisitive attitude and close attention to detail of our favourite British detective are enough to solve the mystery.

Tursenia Police is then backed up by the famous ballistic expert Gianmarco Betti from Rome. His charming attitude toward ladies and ‘unorthodox’ investigative strategies awakens Chase’s open wounds. The fog surrounding Chase’s previous life in London thins out whilst the crime story thickens.

Competition is tough in sports, and weak youngsters may easily fall into silly choices and unforgivable mistakes. Pull the Trigger is a not your regular cozy mystery: the fast-paced events drag Chase and Angelo into a vertigo of unforeseen twists and turns. Love and friendship are challenged and Chase will be forced to take a hard decision. Who’s going to pull the trigger first?

Pull the Trigger is available worldwide on Amazon Kindle Store

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What readers say about Into the Killer Sphere

“A very complicated crime story that does not allow you to get ahead of the game. If, you are like me, you are trying to solve the case, but can’t.”

Thomas Becker, top1000 reviewer on Amazon.com

“What a real page turner. Pull the Trigger starts with a gripping beginning and ends even better, with a climax of mystery and suspense that didn’t make me relax for one moment.”

Bill Swanson, reader on Amazon.com

“This is the best yet for a Chase Williams adventure”

Dennis Waller, reader on Amazon.com.au

“The story […] builds up amazingly, then spiralled into a breathtaking climax that had me gasping.”

Al-Khemet Book Club, reader on Amazon.com

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