Ritualità della morte in Barbagia book sardinia traditions

RITUALITÁ DELLA MORTE IN BARBAGIA – Credenze, superstizione e pratiche funebri.
(RITUALITY OF DEATH IN BARBAGIA – beliefs, superstitions and burial rites)
Zènìa E., 242 pages. ISBN code: 978-88-904157-2-2
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If you expect to read an ethnographic essay you are in the wrong way. Anthropological sciences are the inspiration for a consideration about the rituality of death in Barbagia, a region located in the heart of Sardinia. Today’s rituality of death includes unchanged centuries-old elements, others which are able to adapt to our times and others which are actually disappeared and replaced by alternative forms into Sardinia traditions. So which are the aspects, the behaviors and the shared values that make the burial rite that complicated flowing river we usually experience? An essay where the feel of the death and the grieving process are talked out following not explored ground. 

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