The Live Side of Rock profan and sacred ritual book

THE LIVE SIDE OF ROCK – Celebrando un culto profano (Celebrating a profane ritual)
Altromondo E., 242 pages. ISBN code: 978-88-6281-306-8
Price: 18,00 Euro. Email me to buy it.

The first things that come to mind thinking about a gig is the stage, the favorite band, the music which warms the heart and arouses the crowd. But there is more behind the scenes, before lights turns on. The profan and sacred ritual merges in one breath, the audience one. Because it’s the audience itself the real gig’s protagonist, the shaman-rockstar’s blessing and curse.

Among fanatical, groupies and becoming-adult teenagers, this book tells about a roundup of emotions and stories which drift away from the essay structure to come closer to fiction. Money back guaranteed: once you read The Live Side of Rock you will be dying for a gig!

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